Established in 2016, Hoops Vape House LTD is based in the heart of the diverse city of Leicester, UK. The company is run by 3 close friends who all have taken a keen interest in vaping. Through our passion for vaping and our commitment in aiming to  provide the vaping community the best and latest in innovative vaping technology and the highest quality premium e liquids / e juices.

We offer a wide range of the best quality premium e-juices, vape kits, clearomizers, premade coils, cotton and many many more accessories. All our products have been carefully selected by dedicated vapers for vapers.

Hoops Vape House source the latest premium vape products from all corners of the globe from the UK and Europe to the USA and Asia and everywhere in-between.

All our products listed for sale are compliant with the EU TPD regulations.

Whether you are looking to transition from cigarettes to the more healthier option of vaping or if you are already part of the fast growing vaping community. Our friendly and helpful team are at hand to assist with any enquiries. So get in touch! Call us or contact us via WhatsApp. You can email us using the form available. Alternatively, you can email us directly: sales@hoopsvh.com.

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