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IQOS is an innovative alternative to smoking that uses tobacco instead of liquid. 

From routine cleaning to charging and storage, the IQOS White Kit includes everything you need in one handy box, the kit includes:

- IQOS Holder White
- IQOS Pocket Charger White
- IQOS Cleaner
- IQOS Cleaning Sticks (x10)
- IQOS AC power supply (UK)
- USB cable

IQOS is an innovative alternative to smoking that uses tobacco instead of liquid, giving real tobacco taste and satisfaction.

IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco – it only heats it – this significantly reduces the levels of harmful chemicals generated when compared to cigarette smoke*.

£3 billion has been invested over 10 years to perfect the design and heated tobacco technology inside IQOS. And it shows. There are already over 5 million IQOS users worldwide, each having successfully switched from cigarettes to IQOS.**

* Source: Comparison of HPHC concentrations (mass per unit volume of aerosol/cigarette smoke) obtained under intense puffing conditions (Health Canada method for cigarettes and IQOS, CORESTA recommended method 81 for e-cigarettes), based on data available to PMI in 2017.
** Source: Daily individual consumption of tobacco sticks used with IQOS represents more than 95% of the daily total tobacco consumption (Source: IQOS user panels and PMI estimates January 2018).

Simply put, IQOS is a tobacco heating system that uses real tobacco, whereas e-cigarettes heat liquid.

Both IQOS and E-Cigarettes are different from smoking as they do not burn anything.

Our experience in the UK shows that 60% of smokers who buy IQOS are able to completely stop smoking cigarettes and switch to IQOS.*